Paddle Frameworks

Hi all,

Before I head down some rabbit holes, has anyone successfully used the Paddle SDK/API stuff in their Windows and Mac apps? I see some mentions here and there but nothing for a while.

Thanks in advance, Richard

I have a confession… I was meant to create a wrapper for the Paddle framework but have never gotten around to doing so.

I ended up using Paddle in a different way than originally intended. I wrote my own serial number system, which is hosted by 1701. Then when Paddle handle a transaction for me, they use a web hook to integrate with my system and my system returns to them a serial number, which they then forward onto the customer.

The main reason I choose the longer path is so that if we ever fall out with (like we did with eSellerate) we’re not locked into using them. We can simply change payment provider and carry on.

It also has the advantage that many bundle and promotion sites also support web hooks, which means that they can ties into our system and we get records (in the past many promotion sites don’t inform you who they sold too). This makes the dreaded “I need my serial number” e-mails so much easier.

Thanks Sam,

I must admit reading their info, I was thinking of heading down the webhook route anyway, for the same reasons etc. I wasn’t wam and fuzzy about giving the keys to a kingdom I have no control over!