overlapping ui controls with transparency

it is possible in xojo 2019 r3 to have 2 overlapping ui controls with transparency?
for both ui elements i use a canvas for paintings (a class set super to canvas).
at runtime in a window they not contain real transparency.
the top ui element paints over as rectangle.

Obviously you are talking about a Windows project. You should post in the Windows channel.

No, as far as I know, you cannot have a transparent canvas in projects more recent than 2016R3 (as far as I recall). Since then, Xojo Windows uses Direct2D which does not support true transparency.

It is not recommended under Windows to stack controls anyway, because it could trigger flicker.

i used it at windows but is was a generally question.
so why is a switch named transparent if it is only a fake transparency? (…)

i will put the drawing then (unwanted) in one control.

thank you.

Mac canvas is transparent.

the trick is that the one control at top must have a parent control the background.
in the designer there is a red highlight rectangle.

Indeed. But true transparency, for instance, would show a picture through, not simply a color. In that respect, the implementation of Direct2D was a regression in terms of functionalities.