Overlapping Text On Report (Printing)

OK Im new to XoJo, but enjoying it.

Have a specific problem at the moment and Im going round and round in circles- I’m sure its something simple!

Dim ps As New PrinterSetup
ps.MaxHorizontalResolution = 300
ps.MaxVerticalResolution = 300

Dim g As Graphics
g = OpenPrinterDialog(ps, Nil)
If g <> Nil Then
If rpt.Run(xrs, ps) Then
End If
End If

problem is the gTextToPrint - it is not printing correctly and long paragraphs seem to be overlapping on printing

the text is plain text, Im sure its not a bug… but I don’t sew what other options I can change or add.


Cant get over it… I now think its a bug… how do I report it?

Ok removed all the chr(10) and chr(13) and replaced with spaces and works fine!!!

If i just replace the chr(10) with " " or chr(13) with " " problem comes back

This is on a MAC. which I assume LF is chr(10) but don’t work.

Spent a day trying workarounds now… holding up complete project over a silly issue…

Is LabelMainText multiline?

Yes tried Multiline on and off, word wrap on and off and combination of both, you can paste whatever text you want in the Reportfield and as soon as it prints overlaps