Overlapping controls on Windows 7

Hi all. I was contacted by a customer with Windows 7 SP1 64-bit. She sent me the attached screenshot showing the controls overlapping on the screen. I use one main screen with a PagePanel and several ContainerControls to house different screen views

I tested this on my Windows 7 machine, and the app performs as expected (no overlapping). I also have not heard from any other customer with a similar issue. Has anyone else come across this, and if so, is there something on the user’s end that needs to be changed/updated?


if some of those controls are supposed to be on a different page, the try jiggling them until the pagepanel outline turns RED, this will insure that that control is in fact connect to the correct page. I have had times where I had to drag the control completly out of tha page panel, then back in again… but if the pagepanel border is NOT red, they the parent/child is not correct

Thanks Dave, but they’re all housed within the PagePanel control (red outline when slightly dragged). I’ve had this layout for the past several months, almost a year, and have never had a customer report anything remotely similar. Wasn’t sure if there is something going on with her machine. She did say it is quite old and may be in the market for a new one soon

Try resizing the window very small then big again - try minimizing / maximizing it. Sometimes controls can “fall off” of their container.

It’s more likely to be something with the settings for either the page panel or container control. Specifically, you may need to play around with “Erase Background”, “Transparent”, and “Double Buffer” (which is located under the gear icon in the inspection pane).

For my page panels that are embedded in containers that are in turn embedded in another container or window, I have to set:

For ContainerControls:
EraseBackground: on
Transparent: off
DoubleBuffer: off

For PagePanel:
Transparent: off

Make sure you are doing it on the instance of the container or page panel in the window.

Thanks for the help guys

Michael - I had her try this as well as wiggling her mouse around to see if any disappear and rebooting the computer. No luck

Kimball - Thanks for the tips. I am going to play around with this. Trouble is, I am unable to recreate the issue. Only being witnessed on her machine, so I will have to make the adjustments, build, send to her and have her test it for me. Will see how things go

Thanks again!

Saw the same a few Months ago. Playing around with the Transparent Settings fixed it for me.

What version of xojo are you building your app with and did you start developing the app on that version or have you migrated from previous versions?