Our XDC 2019 Flyer

Last minute we printed a flyer for XDC to give away to attendees. Just a nice reminder to visit our European Xojo Conference in Germany:

See you in Miami!

Double sided? Have the program on the back?

Yes, as you see both sides above.

What I see is the conference structure, not the program (also welche Vortrge). But maybe its too early for that

If he’s asking for speakers on the flyer, it would be a bit hard to add them to the program if they haven’t come forward yet?

we have proposals. but I only list speakers on the program once they signed up for the conference.
And a few people still didn’t do that.

I like to avoid listing speakers who don’t sign up.

The offer in the flyer is valid till end of May, so please use it.
Don’t hesitate to send questions if needed.