Our SSL cert expired, need help

We have a wildcard domain SSL and even though GoDaddy said it was issued for 2 years, it seems to have expired.

Need help getting the new cert installed on our Xojo Cloud.


You should message @Jason_Parsley

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I am talking to Richard via email.

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With GoDaddy, you don’t need to change the SSL. As long as you want to have the same domain.

Enter GoDaddy and look for your SSL linked to the domain of your interest. When you do the above, make a payment for another two years.

Another way is to see your products expire and pay right there.

I hope it helps.

The issue is even if you have a multi year SSL, you still must install the certificate EVERY year. This is the industry standard. So no matter what you have to Physically do it. Our certificate was for 2 years, it had another year but it showed as expired!

So this means we have to contact Xojo to have them reinstall the SSL every year.

Real PITA!


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