Other data centers?

How about using other data centers like the one in London?

This is version 1.0

Not sure about the policies of each individual country, but I know some countries require that financial sensitive applications be hosted on servers physically located inside the boundaries of the country… for obvious security reasons.

So having data centers in different countries would really be a great addition to Xojo Cloud IMO.

As Alwyn points out many countries do require financial information to be stored in the country where the entity is established. NZ is one of those. The interesting thing is that it’s up to the board of directors of the company consuming the services to ensure their financial data is stored on NZ servers - not the provider.

Which is why a major player in the Cloud Accounting space in NZ could host their services on Rackspace equipment based in USA.
At least until they had enough users to go to the IRD & say “Prosecute these companies or give us a waiver” and guess what - they got their waiver. I would guess there was some guarantee of access to data in there somewhere too.

Well, you could have DB server in NZ and run web app in USA.

But for a lot of my local customers the regulation simply says there must be a German address where police could go to seize the server if necessary.

In which case a Virtual Private Server would probably not be allowed anyway.

We do plan to have more data centers available soon. It’s just easier to roll out a new product like this in a single location.