OSX TitleBar color issue


This affects all Xojo’s from 2018r4 onward and remains an issue up through and including 2019r1.1.

Seems like it would be simple to fix - is it possible this could be done in r2, since it’s still early in the process…?

Since the entire window frame is drawn by the OS this is probably what macOS considers “normal” now

Xojo 2018r4 updated to SDK 10.14. If you don’t see this in 2018r3 or earlier, maybe the old SDK worked different, as in, this is “normal” now. Not that Norman need reinforcements :wink:

Note: Moved this out of the pre-release channel because it has nothing to do with that.

Just to confirm, here’s how XCode handles a blue background

[self setBackgroundColor:NSColor.systemBlueColor];


If the tinted titlebar is a problem, you could just fillrect in the paint event.