OSX says I am an "unidentified developer" after code-signing

This is not good.

I got a new macbook, so I:

  1. I downloaded X-Code
  2. Downloaded my certificates into X-Code
  3. Certificates are in the Keychain
  4. The “Mac App Store Prep Tool” or MASPT says code signing was successful
  5. There is a “_CodeSignature” in the contents of my app
  6. When I try to open it, I am an unidentified developer.

I have been code signing for years now, albeit with an older RealBasic and older X-Code and always using the MASPT. Has anyone else run into this or found any solutions?

you need to make sure you sign both the dylibs and the app itself.
Maybe you should try one of those helper tools? App Wrapper for example.

This is currently working for me, the deep thing seems to sort it out.

codesign -f --deep -s ‘Developer ID Application: DEVIDNAME’ ‘/users/ME/Documents/MyApp.app’

Thanks for the terminal code

It “appears” to be going through, but when I try to launch the app I am still getting I am an “unidentified developer”

In the Apple certificate web portal, I thought I could delete the certs and remake them, but apparently that is not possible? So X-Code just downloaded my existing ones and they do show up in my keychain.

This is baffling :frowning:

Is it possible to delete my old mac installer and application and make new ones? Would that solve the problem?