OSX - Htmlviewer scroll control

Hi there… I have a question about the HTMLviewer scroll

  1. is there a way to disable showing the scroll bars
  2. Is there way to show a webpage halfway down (without showing the scroll bar)

I’m trying to work with SVG’s. I have 2 pages and 1 long SVG.
I want to show the top half in one HTMLviewer and the second half in the 2nd HTMLViewer.

I tried to convert SVG to PNG using Batik - but it doesn’t render any fonts. It works great on the SVG!

Haven’t a clue what you want to achieve. Hiding the scrollbar is possible with CSS. See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3296644/hiding-the-scrollbar-on-an-html-page . I don’t think that you can scroll without the scrollbar.

It works well, but then it does not scroll. One way of doing it is to place the HTMLViewer on a ContainerControl with a width 16 pt less than that of the HTMLViewer. Then place an instance of the CC on the window. The scrollbar will never show, and the viewer will scroll with the wheel. Hopefully with a trackpad as well, requires some testing.

Maybe this?

[code] dim w as WebViewMBS = HTMLViewer1.WebViewMBS
dim f as WebFrameMBS = w.mainFrame
dim v as WebFrameViewMBS = f.frameView

v.allowsScrolling = false[/code]
disable scrolling.

Use CSS to disable the scrollbars, use Javascript to scroll?

Except the method described at the linked SO thread for webkit precisely suppresses scrolling through JavaScript, because the CSS one does not work into it. Just in IE.

I tried the code snippet in this answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/13184693 and could still scroll with my scroll wheel but no scrollbars were displayed. I think that answer combined with JS to scroll down would work.

Which snippet ?
There are several there … Care to post what works for you ?

The one that blinks orange when you click the link. There’s a disclosure arrow that says “Show code snippet”

Video just in case :slight_smile:

[quote=165764:@Tim Parnell]The one that blinks orange when you click the link. There’s a disclosure arrow that says “Show code snippet”

Video just in case :slight_smile:

OK. Thanks. This indeed suppresses the scrollbar :

<style type="text/css"> ::-webkit-scrollbar { display: none; } </style>

That said, since the OP has control of the program, using the ContainerControl works with all pages without extra code in the pages. That means even in Internet content.