OSX for ARM - Xojo ready?

Rumours are again floating around about an OSX running on ARM.
Although I don’t think we are going to see this this year. It is very plausible it will happen sooner (or later).

Just asking, would it be a huge effort for Xojo Inc to compile OSX apps for ARM? Also with the old/classic Xojo framework?


That would be in continuity with what has been observed at the code level, where more and more OS X calls seem to be replaced by iOS. Like sound that suddenly became asynchronous like it is in iOS.

This is one rumor that has lingered for a while, yet has real possibility. The iPhone 6s is more powerful than the little MacBook. In fact if you look at the little MacBook, I swear it was designed for an ARM chip.

I think the switch would make Joe happy, I recall he quite likes ARM at a compiler level. It would sure help shake the cruft from the App Store, as I bet only a 10th of apps would ever get upgraded.

But this question is also important ‘Also with the old/classic Xojo framework?’
Joe didn’t answer this. :slight_smile:

[quote=268803:@Christoph De Vocht]But this question is also important ‘Also with the old/classic Xojo framework?’
Joe didn’t answer this. :)[/quote]
While I can’t actually speak for Joe, I don’t think it would be such a big challenge.

The only technical holding point I can see from my armchair is that iOS requires the use of the new framework. Which is not ready for desktop yet, so if Apple switch to using ARM chips, Xojo would have to accelerate the progression on the new framework or back port the old framework to compile for ARM.

However I don’t understand their process or have access to their code, so this is purely hypothetical.

I have seen the transition between PPC and Intel way back when, and it was smooth as silk. I think Xojo is perfectly able to generate OS X executables for ARM without impairing it to the tune of iOS new-framework-or-the-freeway. At any rate, I would not have a handicapped OS X more than I can stomach the current dismal state of iOS.

That would be great to know. Because, all of my Desktop apps are using the old for sure. Porting them to the new is pretty much impossible.

It shouldn’t. All I’d expect needing to do is updating code relating to exception handling and recompiling for the new architecture.

Both classic and new framework?