OSStatus error -50

Hi all. I am working on a small update to my iOS app. Working with Xojo 2019 r3.2 and Xcode 11.0. Using 2019 r3.2 because I didn’t want to put in a lot of time and effort just yet with the big workload to convert everything from iOS to Mobile. Just wanted to push through a small update for now

I am getting an error when building

The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error -50)

My certificates in Keychain had gone expired, so I just renewed them. Also renewed the appropriate distribution and development profiles in ITC. I noticed in my keychain certificates, the two I just added say “certificate is not trusted” and am wondering if that is the problem. Does anyone know what might be happening here or what I did not try yet, or if it is the “not trusted” certificate and how to make it trustworthy

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Solved! It was the certificates. There is a new Apple Worldwide Developer certificate that is to override the previous one that expires in 2023. The new one expires 2030. This began on Jan 28, 2021. According to the following article, if you are using Xcode 11.4.1, the new certificate will be automatically added to keychain

I found on StackOverflow the following link which downloads the new certificate since I only have Xcode 11.0. After downloading, my two certs that were “not trusted” became “valid”

Hope this helps someone!