OS X Toolbar Questions

Does anyone know if it is possible to insert an image into an OS X toolbar?
I would like my logo on the top left - but it should NOT be clickable like a button is.

Also, is it possible to insert a space in-between the buttons, as they are quite close together?
I have seen the ToolStyleFlexibleSpace, but not quite sure if that is the same thing?

Any pointers would be much appreciated.

Adding an image that is not a button is not supported… you can try overlaying a canvas… that might work (restrict the canvas to the mininum size required for your “logo”.

Space can be added between buttons (or groups of buttons) by using the ToolStyleSpace button type. However this creates a space roughly the width of a normal button. Other space values are not supported :frowning:

Thanks Dave.
Do you happen to know the required size of toolbar button images?

I can’t find anything in the LR.

I believe they are 32x32 or 24x24

It may take 32x32 and downsize it for the “small icon” version (right click the toolbar when app is running and you will see what I mean)

Thank You.

Just add a label to the system images example in MacOSLib and add a

label1.text = str(image.size.width)+" x "+str(image.Size.height)
to the paint event: The sizes differ! I find 32, 16 and even 14 for the height.

change the style to dropdown button.

Putting your logo in the toolbar as a non-clickable button would be silly though. One would expect clicking on your logo opens up your website or something. Having it do nothing would be frustrating.

Did you checked the ToolBar in MacOSLib ?

Check it for what?