OS X 10.10.4cpb - Windows 8.1 differences

Difference between 0S X 10.10.4lpb and Windows 8.1 found:

I attached the two screen shots I’ve made to display the difference between the two Platforms.

Same code (probably ?), different result.

In both platforms, I selected the images files using ctrl-click / cmd-click (but that does not keep the selected order) and drop the files on the window that builds the images below.

On Windows, the last image appears first while on OS X, the current order follows the file name (smallest issue number to higher issue number).

Same code (probably ?). I could have used on WIndows the Do …/… Loop Until Not Obj.NextItem while on OS X, I used two lines: the first for the first deopped file, and in a While Obj.NextItem …/… Wend loop.

OS X 10.10.4cdp screen shot.

Windows 8.1 (current too) screen shot.

Note, below the cover scans, the issue numbers. On the Windows screen shot, the last issue number appears first, then all other issues appears in order.

Any idea why this is so ?

Note: the font seems to bethe same, but it is a bit different: both the width and the “weight” are different, but only a close look can reveal that. Funny: I do not set a Font in the code, so assume these are the OS Platform default Fonts.

Why not just Ignore the drag order? Wouldn’t be best just to store your content data (array, DB, etc) and sort the content keys in any preferred order before presentation, then showing the contents in that order? That’s platform independent, same results.

Rick’s got the best solution, but the answer to what you are seeing is the difference in the drop order provided by Explorer versus Finder. I have to deal with this on a couple of my apps.

Rick, Tim: thank you for your answers.

This question (solution) arise to my brain (I was really tired after that intense reflection) yesterday afternoon.

But Array.Sort does not works for FolderItems.

Clue ? Advice ? Something, please… ;-:slight_smile:

Why not:

  • put the folderitems in an array
  • simultaneously put their names in another array
  • use the sortwith command
  Dim dir As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Documents // just a source for tests
  Dim order() As  String // keys
  Dim fis() as FolderItem // contents
  If dir Is Nil Then
  End If
  //--  set contents and keys

  Dim count As Integer  = dir.Count 
  For i As Integer = 1 to count
    fis.Append(dir.Item(i)) // Store folder item
    order.Append(dir.Item(i).Name) // store a key
  order.SortWith(fis) // reorder Folder Items fis() by keys order() ascending

Thans for the advice (Peter) and thanks for the code (Rick).

I will do my home job right now.