Order of items in OSX Application Menu

I’m adding two menuitems to the Application Menu by setting their super to ApplicationMenuitem. That works, but how do I control the order?

Currently my “About” menuitem is shown below my “Accounts” menuitem. I’d like About listed first as is standard OSX practice. How?

Not 100% sure on this, but if I recall correctly they should get their order from the order you put them in the menus to begin with, Left to Right, Top to Bottom. So if you put Accounts below About in the original order of the items, when they get moved to the Application Menu they should retain the order properly.

I wondered about something like that, but in my case these two menuitems are originally coming from two different menus.

About starts in the Help menu so it’s in the right place on Windows.
Accounts starts in the File menu since it seems to make the most sense there on Windows.

Maybe I do need to have them start out in the same menu so they’re in the right place relative to each other on OSX and then move one of them programmatically on Windows???

Well at least they’re behaving predictably.
File > Accounts comes before Help > About in the order of left to right, top to bottom.

Might I recommend, Edit > Accounts (makes more sense unless Accounts is a file)

You might have to put a Mac platform About menu item before Accounts, and keep the Windows one in the Help menu, and then delete the one that should be hidden per platform with a #pragma.

Hi Tim

That sounds like a decent workaround unless there’s a way to get Xojo to put them in the right order in the first place. Seems to me that the About menuitem should always be at the top of the ApplicationMenu, so hopefully Xojo provides a way to ensure that’s where it goes…


Perhaps with a mixture of

But I’d rather have the complete control using the method I described.