Orange Pi Zero - A7 Processor

It appears that the recently released Orange Pi Zero uses an A7 ARM processor.

Does this mean it will run Xojo?

It is only $6.99 USD plus $3.31 shipping from China (

Theoretically seems like it should

It should work, though that one and the PC2 running the new A5 CPU are the only models I have not tested. I have been struggling to find reason why one would take the new Zero but I cannot find it so I don’t think I will be testing that one. Reason I cannot find reason is that Zero is basically same price as One which has full A3 CPU, while the Zero only has the A2 which is cut down A3, and the Zero has no HDMI. So unless there is some serious power consumption difference that would make it easier to run Zero on battery for example then I fail to see the point in the Zero at the moment.

If you’re setting up a headless Pi, you don’t need hdmi, and the Zero has on-board wireless.

Looks interesting.
Indeed, it doesn’t have HDMI. But in the rare case you need a display, you could simply use the TV out pins, right? It won’t be HD, but hey… it might just work.

There is a 26 expansion port. You might be able to attach an LCD display to it, to give the user some feedback… I think…