Orange Pi Lite - WiFi HELP

Well after some issues with shipping I have received my Orange Pi Lite.

I created an Armbian image on an SD card and it booted up. I have a GUI desktop but I cannot get the WiFi to connect. The built in Wicd Network Manager can see my SSID and it says it has my WPA 2 encryption. I enter my key and click connect. It attempts to authenticate but finally gives up with “Bad Password”. I have two SSID’s on my router. My main network and a Guest network. Neither will connect.

Björn Eiríksson said he had tested the Lite model. Björn if you are watching how did you get WiFi to connect?


I don’t put them on Wifi usually. Though I did have Orange PI Plus 2 on Wifi for a while. I don’t remember having had any issues connecting. I can do tests tomorrow I have some Orange PI’s with me where I am now.

You might want to check the Armbian forum. There are lots of people there that will have the answer.

Check this thread here:


The reason I got the Lite was the built in WiFi.

The link you posted above looks hopeful. I did some Googling but I did not see any answers. I will remember to check that forum first.

Thanks for the help.



I was able to change the Wicd settings using the information in the link above and it is now connected to my WiFi. THANK YOU.

BEWARE - Here is some help others might find useful.

It was a bit confusing. When I first opened the Wicd Network Manager dialog I could NOT find any security settings. I decided to make the dialog wider by dragging with the mouse and I found more options on the tool bar. It had no indication, other than a little triangle pointing down, that there were more options until I changed the size of the dialog. I suppose this falls under the category of “operator error” although maybe it is "operator inexperience with this desktop manager. ;-))

As referenced by one of the posts in your link above I set the Driver under WPA Supplicant to the “second” NONE and it immediately connected when I closed the dialog and clicked Connect. I did not try any of the other settings so some may have worked.

I have two SSID’s and one has a WPA passphrase that looks like a hex string. There were some references in the various posts in the link above that made it appear that there was a problem with text versus hex passphrase but I did not find that true.

Thanks for the help.

Now on to doing something useful with the board.