Orange Pi and Xojo?

Anyone tried one of these and programmed it with Xojo?

Looking at the specs and description, I’m going to assume it would be pretty easy to target it with Xojo code since it runs various types of Linux and has an Arm processor.

And just for clarification, I don’t have one and don’t need one for anything, I’m more curious at this point.

As long as it’s an ARMv7 or higher is should work

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You’ll find that the aarch64 (ARM64) platforms are very similar at the application level. I have apps running on the Pine64 Rockchip-based systems out of the box.

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All I can say is that Orange Pi (Shenzhen Xunlong Software Co., Ltd) is becoming a true contender for the Rasp Pi market. They are much faster than Raspberry Pi Ltd in R&D. I’ve saw good comparative reviews saying “forget Rasp Pi” favoring them.

Most of their hardware support Ubuntu / Debian, as Xojo. Just read carefully before choosing one.

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I have used many Orange Pi models, their really great.

And the best ones greatly outperform the best Raspberry PI’s.

If you need Wiring Pi for them then here is link:

I have had good success with using GPIO on them.

Note there is one better model than the one you linked to, the Orange Pi 5 Plus I would say is the most interesting one at the moment. (The 5 plus a Variant of 5, the 5 Plus has 2x 2,5 Gb Ehternet and full size NVME slot. While Orange Pi 5 as 1x 1 Gb Ethernet and not full size NVME making it more expensive and fewer options to get NVME drive for it)', 5 Plus also has two HDMI out and one HDMI in.

You need to get large heat sink and or active cooling for both Orange Pi 5 and 5 Plus.

And for any Orange PI model then Armbian is the way to go since Orange Pi is good at making hardware but their OS is really really really bad.

For IoT and microserver use, I use plain Debian since I don’t need the desktop environment. And, if I need to add it, it’s easier than trying to strip down the Ubuntu installation.

They have IoT devices, and proper OSs recommendations for those models (clearly no DE and proper compatible kernel).

E.g. Orange Pi - Orangepi