ORACLEDatabase; connect after close; no error but RecordSet=Nil;

I have the following problem using an ORACLEdatabase.

When I connect and test SQLselect -> works.
Then I close the database and later in the program I do the same:
connect (ok) and SQLSelect -> now, no error returned but recordset is Nil.

Maybe someone has heard about that problem before?
Or is the database somewhat completely shut down when I close it and I have to reinitialize everything?

post the code.
Did you check for errors after the connect?
Did you check for errors after your SQLSelect?

I checked for errors as I wrote:
“connect (ok) and SQLSelect -> now, no error returned but recordset is Nil.”

But, I found the solution. I have to completely set the database to Nil and rebuild it.

Some code:

[code] Me.TheDatabase = new OracleDatabase // TheDatabase as Database

ORACLE = OracleDatabase(Me.TheDatabase)

ORACLE.DatabaseName = Me.ConnectionString
ORACLE.UserName = Me.UserId
ORACLE.Password = Me.Password
ORACLE.Debug = 1 // Maybe here lays the problem?

Tried setting Debug=0; same problem.

A record set will NEVER be NIL after an SQL Query unless there was a database connection error, or an error in the SQL being executed, otherwise a Recordset from a SELECT will at the very least contain ZERO records (which is NOT the same as NIL)

Normally, I’d agree. But yeesh we’ve seen some weird errors with oracle.

Hello Dave,
indeed; then the cause may be that the error is not reported up to Xojo.

Hello Bob,
thanks a lot for that even general statement; shared pain is half of the pain:-)

I have done ORACLE connections via OCI.dll.
It’s sometimes… remarkable, what happens there.

Another solution for me, if I want connection not to be kept open, would be ODBC.
That should work seamless.

Thanks again!