Oracle Plugin can not find Oracle library

I have the Oracle64 plugin in the Plugins directory on Xojo on an Ubuntu 20.04 instance. The Oracle Instant Client libraries are also installed in this instance. Oracle SQLPLUS, a commandline tool which uses these libraries, connects successfully with an Oracle 23C database on the LAN. According to the “Help”/“About Xojo”/“Loaded Plugins” menu, the Oracle plugin can not load in Xojo because it can’t find the Oracle library. This particular library is definitely installed in the Oracle Instant Client directory. I have added the Oracle library to both the PATH and the LD_LIBRARY_PATH, as well as the /etc/ld.conf file (and run the ldconfig command to rebuild the loader’s search path). I even tried copying the Oracle library to both the Xojo Plugin directory and the Xojo Libs directory. I have rebooted the entire machine several times, to no avail. The error message remains the same. This is in both 2023R1.1 and 2023R2. After searching both the Forum and the Issues and not finding this specific problem, I’ve filed Issue # #73733. Has anybody else had this problem? Thanks for any insights

You might need to create the appropriate links and run ldconfig again:

ln -s
ln -s

Works for me on Ubuntu 20.04

William - Thank you very much!! Those changes did the trick! The links were already there but apparently not working correctly (very strange). Still, I deleted the links and recreated them per your instructions. I re-ran the ldconfig. The Xojo IDE now launches and the Oracle plugin loads. Identical to your picture.

Next problem. I’m trying to use Oracle 23c. Apparently the 10.1 Instant Client libraries are too old and generate an ORA-28040 error (“No Matching Authentication Protocol”). I believe I can change the SQLNET.ALLOWED_LOGON_VERSION setting to 10 to overcome this.

What version of Oracle are you running and/or testing against.

Again, thanks for your quick answer!

  • Brad