Optional dinners for MBS Xojo Developer conference


for the evening on 3rd and 5th May we have over 40 people interested in a dinner meeting.

While the Duke restaurant in the Ellington is quite nice, it’s also expensive and really not suitable for large groups.

But they would offer us a buffet for dinner in the buffet restaurant.

That could cost 39 Euro per person for the buffet dinner and this would need to be paid by yourself plus your drinks.

What do you guys think?

I would than make another query to attendees soon and ask who would like to join this.
And I really need a good number as for such a group I would need to guarantee a certain number of people.


Which means 3 days in a row diner in the same hotel ? Think Berlin has more to offer than just the Elington hotel.

I know, but the problem is that some people arrive on one evening and leaving on other, so asking them to go elsewhere could be inconvenient.

I can make sure we have different food each evening.

are you sure you mean 4th?? i thought we are having BBQ on the 4th

Yes, I corrected dates. Middle day is BBQ evening. I hope we have good weather.

we like to join you all on the 3rd for buffet dinner.

Buffet sounds fine to me.

The other idea is simply:
I sit at the bar and greet everyone coming.
And if some people are there and hungry they can go as group to dinner somewhere.

And than choose between the fine dining in the hotel restaurant, or the Spanish one on the other side of the street, or the steak house Wilson down the street.
Or any other one.

Buffet in the hotel on the 3rd would be easiest since most of us arrive that day.
On the 5th eating outside the hotel is preferred by me.

want to try out the currywurst at Curry 36

Yes, they are famous :slight_smile:

The one at the zoo train station is in walking distance.

The Currywurst is probably the worst food ever invented. I tried it after moving from Switzerland to Berlin ten years ago. I will never forget this dreadful taste in my mouth. You eat the Currywurst accompanied with French fries, but they do not manage to produce decent ones – and they drown them in a mix of Ketchup and Mayonnaise!

If you walk down the street to Kurfürstendam, you find there a lot of restaurants.

e.g. if you go to Vapiano, you can get some pasta and watch the cook making it while you wait.

or if you have a group of people, get a stretch limo (stretchlimousine-berlin.de) and drive around the city, stop at the TV Tower at Alexanderplatz and take the lift to the restaurant on top of the tower. tv-turm.de

last time we have the currywurst in koblenz that put turmeric powder which we don’t like. prefer the one with a mix ketchup and curry sauce.

We are discussing to go to other restaurants nearby or make a trip to a brewery.

For 5th May we do a trip to brewery.

I sent everyone an email asking for the preference: No, Yes or Yes with tour.

Please let me know how many want to join us.

For 5th May 2017 we organize trip to Stone Brewery. The bus is free for first 49 people to sign up on survey (see email). We also have a tour reserved to see inside of brewery.