Opinions needed... NOT Xojo specific

regardless of how the application is created… what I am looking for is opinions on “process flow”… not a code-based solution. So maybe this should be “Off Topic” although my question IS specific to iOS/mobile devices

Take a TableView… What I am looking for is what you all consider a good UX for handling the ADDING of a row to the table from the user point of view.
I am going to implement “swipe right” for DELETE… but need a clean intuitive way for the user to signal a NEW record is required… Again, just from UX view.

One way is to have a Tab/Tool bar with an “ADD” button … this would not be part of the actual table display
Another is to add a “fake” row into the table with a (+) icon and “ADD NEW ROW” as the text

any opinons or other ideas?

I think it really depends on the complexity of your UI.

If the view only displays a table and nothing else, you could just use a “+” / “ADD” ToolButton.

But if your view already has multiple tool buttons, or if the table is just one part of the screen, I think it makes more sense to add a TextField row with a “+” image. This is the approach I have in Packr.

Thanks… I reviewed the screen mockups I have… and decided to place a “+” in the right side button of the NavBar
originally I had a toolbar at the bottom with Add/Delete/Edit/Share/Options
and have moved Delete/Edit/Share to a right swipe of the table row… just wish I could use ICONS there instead of words

You can use icons ! :slight_smile:
Let me find some code for you


 let share = UITableViewRowAction(style: .default, title: "Share") { (action, indexPath) in

I have been searching for hours… and “words” are all I can find…

this seems to kinda work

share.backgroundColor = UIColor(patternImage: UIImage(named: "ctrl_share.png")!)

but the image MUST be the same height as the row

Also… didn’t mean for this topic to head this direction

[quote=384653:@Dave S]I am going to implement “swipe right” for DELETE…

any opinons or other ideas?[/quote]

Since asking for opinions…

I find swipe left more intuitive for iOS, at least more common in other iOS apps.

For adding rows, I think it very much depends on the rest of the UI. And your adding a + in the top right nav area is certainly a common approach so users should find intuitive.

LOL… yeah… I meant Swipe LEFT… I need to get LEFT and RIGHT tattooed on the backs of my hands… but knowing me. I get them backwards even then :slight_smile:

My two cents? Toolbar at the bottom with an Add button, ala Mail. The larger iPhones of today have a screen that is just too big for a button as commonly used as an Add button to be on the navigation bar at the top. That’s a better place for buttons such as Edit.

I generally agree, though Apple’s Contacts app has a + button in the right navigation bar area so that’s what I’ve used in my own app. But, as with the Contacts app, my users rarely need to add new records via the app.

this app has 2 views where records are added… one will be once in a blue moon (setting a user profile), the other will be multiple times a day (various measurements etc)… my issue with “+” on the toolbar is a waste of horizontal space for one function

Seems Apple isn’t even consistent… Contacts upper Right, Notes (+) on new row, and I’d see what Mail did, but I can’t get it to connect to my ISP for some reason (I don’t usually do mail on the iPad)

The Alarm function of the iOS clock app is somewhat of a gold standard, I think.