OpenURLMovie and wmv Files?

Does anyone know if OpenURLMovie will open .wmv video files?

mp4 files is no problem but .wmv seems to do nothing. Do the .wmv files need to be encoded differently for streaming?

This thread seems to indicate that the only browser that can embed such a file is IE. Maybe Edge as well, but not Chrome.

You probably want to convert the files to MP4. If necessary, install ffMPEG on your server to do it there when needed.

Mac? Win?

On OS X you may need some help to play WMV like Flip4Mac.

This is a Windows-only Desktop App using the VideoPlayer and OpenURLMovie.

I sort of felt that putting this in the Windows Target section of the forum was enough to make it clear this was Windows Desktop. I will be more explicit next time.

Bob, that’s one of the IMO bugs of this forum software, you can only see the target if the original title is visible. The black/blue bar at the top doesn’t show the target.

Sorry, I often miss the category.

Anyone? My only other option is to switch over to the HTMLViewer and use video streaming there. I’d really like to avoid that if I could.

You need to ask Xojo Inc. on how they implemented it.

is it IWMPPlayer under the hood?

Wmv requires embedding the Windows Media Player. AFAIK Xojo Web uses HTML5 and fallbacks to Flash for older versions. Both do not support Wmv.

The solution is probably to use such code as described here :

@Michel Bujardet This is a desktop app as Bob wrote above.

Oops. Sorry.

From what I see on Desktop, among the ActiveX classes offered by Xojo Windows is the Windows Media Player. It should not be out of this world to use.