OpenSUSE Leap 15 Xojo code issues?

Anyone use SUSE with your Xojo projects?

I have a project that works fine in Mint and Ubuntu, but not too happy in SUSE?

So far, just testing with Remote Debug. I have a routine that imports a csv file and it just exits my app when I try to import the file. Maybe some strange permissions issue, but not sure. Still need to get more familiar with SUSE Linux.

Start your app from terminal, that usually gives clues in such cases. Usually its just some missing library.

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OpenSUSE 15.4 broke my Xojo projects, that had been working on 15.3. When I run them from the terminal, I get a “segmentation fault” error.

The easy-to-reproduce one is that a Xojo app WILL crash when closing a file/folder selection dialog. This happens whether the user makes a selection, or cancels.

Thanks Jerry! I figured SUSE was at fault. I’ve decide not to use OpenSUSE.

Hi Steve,

have you read this page: