OpenSuse 15.4


since updating OpenSuse from 15.3 to 15.4 my applications crashes. There is no explicit command, which causes the crash. In one application the application crashes, when I use “FolderItem.ShowOpenFileDialog”. If I replace this command with “New FolderItem” and a hardcoded path, it works.

Thy mystery is, that the application crashes after opening the first window - not after executing the above command.

Does some has the same problems?

I am seeing this same behavior with a customized SelectFolderDialog. The dialog opens then the crash occurs when I commit my selection. That is all I see so far.

Edited to reflect that in my case I’m selecting a folder, not a file.

Added to Issues (68952)

Did someone heard about a fix? With the actual beta it don’t wrk for me. Also the itself don’t work

Still broken here. I check from time to time to see if OpenSuse updates would fix it at their end, but no. I was at the Nashville conference last week and did get a chance to mention it to one of the engineers :slight_smile:

Again, the issue remains peculiar to 15.4. 15.3 is fine.

I also tried a beta of 15.5. and it don’t work with it, too. I hope they will fix it soon.