opening .rpb projects saved with REALStudio 2011

I’ve just upgraded to the current version. What intermediate versions do I need to move projects from REALBasic 2008 or RealStudio 2011 to the current one, and how can I get the required intermediate versions? I have Xojo 2016 R4.1, but it won’t open them, either.

You can download older versions from (you need to sign in).

Sorry I don’t know what version you need to open old projects.

current versions should just open old projects
I’ve used 2018r4 to open RB 5.5 projects

macOS? If ‚File -> Open‘ doesn‘t recognize .rbp/.rbvcp, then just drag-and-drop the .rbp/.rbvcp file on the running in the dock.

thanks. dragging the .rbp to the app icon did it

What about a double-click in the .rbp icon ?