Opening Project In Older Version Of Xojo To Build

I know its not officially supported but has anybody ran into any problems when opening a project in an older version of Xojo.

I am in a situation where for the time being I will need to use Xojo 2014r2.1 to build for MS-Windows. The macOS version will be built using some version of Xojo 2017.

As I code on a Mac I would prefer to use the newer IDE for coding / building on Mac and just use the older version of Xojo when I need to build on MS-Windows (if I needed to debug on MS-Windows I would use Xojo 2014r2.1).

I can of course code using Xojo 2014r2.1 but I then lose out on a lot of IDE bug fixes and enhancements.

I don’t see problems there.
Especially as you can use version tracking software to see which changes are made.

The older versions can’t of course see/use image sets.

If you have added pictures in HiDPI mode they won’t show in the older version. But as long as you stay away from the most recent features like HiDPI, you should be alright.

Another possibility… you could put the 2014r2 version in a branch and only merge over the stuff that affects Windows.

Hi Greg.

Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, that would be the majority of the code so I imagine it would be quite an overhead keeping the master and branch constantly in-sync.

Initially, we won’t be supporting HiDPI but we would like to at some point so thanks for highlighting a potential issue.