Opening file stored on NAS (via smb) - Xojo on linux/Mac

Hello everybody.
I got locked on a problem, probably simple for most of you, but I can’t get out.
Programmatically, my app will read a name (code) of one file, it will look into the source folder and it will copy the file with the specified name into the destination folder.
On my test machine, a local pc (Mac, Windows and Linux) with these two folders, everything works fine.

When I move the app to connect on the network folder, hosted on Synology NAS, I got the problems.
NAS folders are shared and open… I can access easily and open files… no network or permissions issues.

I pass the folder name (got from finder)… example:
source is : smb://minimes060.local/prg4minimes/MC1
destination is : mb://minimes060.local/prg4minimes/MC1/ATTIVO
But when I look the file inside, my app reports NO-File-found. But the file is there…and if I look with finder or explorer… file is there and I can open…
I assume that network folder name is wrong… I tried many, but no way. I don’t really understand how to catch the right path.

This my basic program, here just to open the networked file (no copy) is :

Dim percorso1 As String
percorso1 = CStr(TextField1.Text) +“/”+ CStr(Nome.Text)
Dim temp As New FolderItem(percorso1.ToText, FolderItem.PathModes.Native)
If temp.Exists Then
MessageBox(“Missing File”)
end if

One point: FolderItem.PathModes.Native is the only working solution I found. Shell will crash and URL will not work.
I know I’m wrong… but I don’t know where… :upside_down_face:

Do you have any idea to try??
Thank you so much

Try using a path based on the mounted volume rather than the smb protocol.


If you don’t check Exists and just try to open the file does it work?

Just to be sure, the protocol is actually smb, not just mb, correct?

Wait a sec. Didn’t we establish on another thread recently that you can’t do this? That passing a URL to the Folderitem constructor just does not work?