Opening another layout?

I would like to add a row of buttons on one layout and with a click on one of the buttons to open other layouts. How would I create this? In Filemaker I would use a ButtonBar for this and use a single GotoLayout step on every button.

Perhaps a more functional description of what you are trying to do, for those of us who never suffered thru Filemaker and have no reference to what the ButtonBar/GotoLayout are or do.

If you are talking about navigation between different windows , then look at the SHOW, SHOWMODAL and HIDE functions that might give you an idea

Thanks. Yes, sorry for not describing it more accurately. What I would like is switching between different windows where every windows has its own layout. Although I don’t really want to see a second window being opened but just switch to the other layout

look at pagepanel… this allow you to have multiple pages, where each can be an entire screen of “controls”, changing the panel index is almost instant. Another thing (depending on your application), is to simply move the current controls around, assuming they can be repurposed, or just need to be in another location.

You can navigate with a toolbar + pagepanel between “layouts” or with a simple tabpanel. There are also custom solutions for tabpanels available. For instance my own (Trixi’s TabPanels) at .

Desktop? Web? iOS?


I think I can replicate the app I made in File Maker in Xojo using page panels and tab panels, but i cannot find a way to add tabs or to change their names. I tried add tabs by double clicking, checking the properties panel but no luck. How do I do this? Is this done by code?

Appearance --> Edit (in the Properties pannel)…
You will get a small window that allows all of these !