Opening an iOS project on Windows


My MacBook Pro is in the shop. It needs a logic board replacement (due to the spacebar not working?? seriously?? that’s another issue for another day and forum post but whatever) so I’m without a Mac for a couple of weeks.

But in the meantime, there’s some module code I need to pull out of a .xojo_binary_project for one of the other apps I’m working on, but the project type is iOS and the Windows version of Xojo says it’s not supported. I understand why debugging or compilation will not work on Windows, but I can’t even open the project? Is there any way to get this code out?


a) Get a second Mac
b) Use Arbed to convert to text format
c) Send the code to someone with a Mac

Ahh! The forum truncated my reply because I used an emoji.

Thanks for your reply. I was hoping for a solution that didn’t require spending hundreds of dollars (second Mac). :wink:

Can’t send the code to anyone as it’s under a confidentiality agreement.

But thanks for the tip about Arbed, I never would have known about it. It did the trick.

If anyone from Xojo is reading this, please consider allowing the Windows IDE to at least open iOS projects to retrieve code and assets.

Install MacOS on VirtualBox.

Or they do a by the hour pricing for $1 if you need it in a pinch.

Does that work???
I had the impression it wouldnt install unless there was a Mac chip on the motherboard?

Edit… oohhhhhhh…

Make sure you file a Feedback report. I am actually surprised that you can’t open it, there are other dev tools that allow you to work on iOS apps on Windows, there’s an iOS gaming company just up the road from me and they recently switched to using Windows and last time I spoke to them they were over the moon that they could develop and test touch based games on a touch device.
I understand Xojo is a compiled language and not interpreted, which might make it harder for Xojo.

Sorry to see this man. There’s two things I’d advise you to do so that this doesn’t happen in newer MacBooks.

  1. Write and complain directly to Tim Cook, this was a very bad design decision for a device that costs thousands of dollars. It basically makes it a writeoff when your warranty expires.
  2. Don’t purchase another Mac laptop until they change this flaw.

This case already exists in Feedback:


Case not viewable @Jason Parsley

How about now?


Forum link not viewable either.

I am in the same boat as Christian in that there are times I want to be able to open the ios code in windows so I can copy code to a windows or linux project I am working on. Or see how I did something in my ios project when working on my web projects. I wouldn’t need to make any changes to the project. Just view the code. I know there are other ways to do it. They just aren’t as easy as just opening the project in another window.

The link is readable by Pre-Release Testers so I’m not sure why you can’t read it.

No, it isn’t… at least not for me.

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Correction - I removed the link because it was only viewable for Alpha testers and most of it has been covered here.

We don’t allow creating iOS projects or editing iOS projects on Windows or Linux because you would not be able to debug or build on those platforms. There’s some utility in being able to edit but there’s also the potential problem of users thinking they can debug and build when they can’t.

We rely on some of the tools provided by Apple to build and sign as well as Apple’s iOS Simulator to run on the Mac. These things are not available for Windows. Should they become available or should we find a different solution, we will certainly make iOS projects available on Windows.

Someone could told you: “Print your source to pdf”, but you will do that only when you think you may use it (so, you will never print it !).