Opening an ancient RealBasic class in newer Xojo version

I found this freely available old Real Basic class for manipulating timecode. I’d imagine that most of what is happening in it would probably work just fine in a newer version, since it’s pretty simple math. but I’d like to save the effort of having to code this same thing from scratch

However, I can’t seem to get this into Xojo in any way that lets me look at the code. Can this be done?

Alternatively, can anyone recommend a free class that does the same things as outlined in the link above?


Found it!

The application that used this class has gone opensource and it’s all up on github now.

Do you have access to 2013r3? I’d start by loading ito into a project there and then saving it as XML or VCS format.

Ah - StuffIt - the bane of modern Mac users everywhere.

I was able to open the stuffit archive (had to do a double take when I saw the .hqx extension - it’s been ages!), but I couldn’t do anything with the class itself. Looking more closely at the classes in the full Belle Nuit application, it looks different than what’s documented in the original post above, and is not really documented in the code. I could probably figure it out with enough time, but it might be quicker to try to get at the old file and import that. I might have an old RB around, but it’s not currently installed on any machine here so i’ll need to dig up the installers. wherever they are!

You can download most old versions from the “Archives” tab on the Xojo Download page.

opens with realbasic 3.2.1 … updates in rb5.5 then can’t open with later RB or RS it says there is something encrypted and I can’t find any …

I have a license for 2011r1.1 on Windows, on an old laptop. Fired that up and tried to bring these files in, but no luck.

If anyone has a really old version of RealBasic and would be willing to take a crack at getting this class into a usable form for Xojo, I’d appreciate it! We’re using 2017r3 currently.

Ahh. Just saw this. Hmm. Hopefully this doesn’t mean it’s hopeless. I’ll email the developer, to see if maybe he’s got it as plain text somewhere…