Opening a new Web Screen

I have recently started working on a simple program with Xojo and I seem to be missing something. I am making a browser program that asks for a specific Username and Password to Enter and then, when successful, goes to a main menu screen. What I seem to be having difficulty with is figuring out what to use to call up this screen.

Any suggestions?

Have you tried the LoginExample.xojo_binary_project that is inlcuded with Xojo under Examples in the startup screen when you start a new project?
It had a good example of how to do exactly what you are asking.

I have not, I will have to check that out.

So that helped out. It got me past that part and it now has the proper functionality that I was attempting to make.

The sort answer for this ended up being:

Dim Main As New Main_Screen


David: do you plan to spam every topic? It’s your responsibility to check out tools.

James, We just posted a blog post that may help you out, check it out here: