OpenGL & macOS Sierra

Since I upgraded to Sierra, I have noticed that whenever I load my project, which uses OpenGL, I need to remove the OpenGL Surface and recreate it to get it to render correctly. Has anyone else noticed this?
The issue doesn’t seem to happen with Windows, and I don’t think it happened with El Capitan (tbh, I can’t really remember)

Hi Mark,

I just upgraded my Mac to Sierra and ran a few of my OpenGL programs and everything ran well. There was no need to reload OpenGLSurface control on my system. Maybe I was lucky :slight_smile:

So far our OpenGL apps were working on the beta versions, I have yet to test on the final version.

Thanks for checking guys, means it’s something I’m doing.
Good to know it was broken by the update.

Just had another look… found the problem.

I have subclassed the OpenGLSurface, and then, as I normally do, I hid the properties I don’t want messed with from the property inspector. Only I forgot to set the double buffer property to true.