OpenDialogMBS used to Save?

Im using OpenDialogMBS but also want to Save files.
There is no SaveDialogMBS that I can find, but a Save dialog usually has built-in OS level checks about ‘do you want to overwrite’ and the like.
Is there a ready-rolled SaveDialogMBS equivalent, or a property I can set on the OpenDialogMBS class?


Doesn’t Xojo have built-in classes, too?

SaveAsDialog is built-in.
NSSavePanelMBS is for Mac only and provides more features.

But the OpenDialog class let me down badly recently and I was able to use OpenDialogMBS to work around the filetypes problem.
I wanted to be consistent.

Unfortunately, the built-in SaveAsDialog fails in 64 bit on Mojave. I just discovered this and filed a Feedback report, case 54984. I’ll try NSSavePanelMBS and see how it goes.

54984 must be private, it’s not showing up here. Can you share what you mean by the SaveAsDialog fails?

Sorry, I accidentally made it private. SaveAsDialog crashes Lightwright 6, on a small test app it just does nothing - it doesn’t appear at all.

The Feedback report is public now, give case 54984 a try. Xojo’s SaveAs dialog fails to appear on Mojave when I build in 64 bit.

Which version of Xojo, which version of Mojave?
Works fine for me apart from the filtering…
I’m using Xojo 2017 and OSX 10.14.2, about to start testing Xojo 2018

Xojo 2018R4 and Mojave 10.14.3, the project is built as 64 bit (32 bit is OK). In my big app (Lightwright), it crashes. In a small test app, the dialog fails to appear, it’s as if you didn’t call the dialog at all.

Is it being wrapped for the App Store by AppWrapper but lacking permissions?

I call it with .showmodalwithin(self) if it makes any difference.

[quote=426379:@Jeff Tullin]Is it being wrapped for the App Store by AppWrapper but lacking permissions?


No, I’m running it on my test laptop using Run Remotely from my main MBP.

I just tried, using ShowModalWithin doesn’t make it work.

And do you have an older Xojo to try it on?

Working with 64bit build Xojo 2018R3 for me