Is there anyway to get the open dialog to access the system areas of the hard drive and also to display hidden files?

By system areas, I mean /etc, /private, and the like.

There is surely a declare to do that.

But even without, you have access to all a volume items, so you can roll your own. to have access to the root of the disk, usually Volume(0) for Macintosh HD

FolderItem.Visible should tell you if the item is hidden or not.

hi Michel, thanks for the reply.

I know I can get access to all folder items, I was just hoping to be able to set the open dialog to show hidden items (including system folders), in the same way that BBEdit and other apps do.
I’ll have hunt through the declares.

On older versions of OSX, it was possible to display hidden files in a Finder Dialog (Open, Save) using Command-Shift-Period.

In Yosemite use ? + ? + .

In hunting around for a solution I found that.

btw: I thought ? + ? + . was Command+Shift+Period


Example with Timer and Applescript

That’s an awesome work around. I was looking into something like that myself, but my Applescript is not so good.

I did find a solution in MacOSLib, but I’d rather not use such a large library in this project.