OpenDialog refusing to close

All of a sudden during the debug session for an app, OpenDialog is not closing after a button has been pressed.
It works for another debug of a different app.

I have no idea how to debug it.

I have restarted and cleared out the Apple plist ( during startup hold Option Command R P )
I deleted the builds.
I also have no XOJO cache.

Cancel does not allows ypu to close the OpenDialog ?

I’ve had this with the SaveAsDialog on High Sierra, I think there might be a bug (as the underlying Open and Save dialogs are almost the same).

It only affects some customers, not all, and it goes away when they update or reinstall their copy of the macOS.

It updated yesterday to 10.13.5. It had already started the behavior.
May be I have to do a full clean install.

Okay. If I change OpenDialog from ShowModal to ShowModalWithin(Self) it closes.
This happened successfully on one line.

However. I then get an Analyzer error on other lines. This line is in App and in a shared method.

[quote]App.GetFldrDialog, line 17
“Self” does not mean anything in a module method
dlgf = dlg.ShowModalWithin(Self)[/quote]

That error was solved by passing Window as a parameter