OpenDialog - limit files displayed

For Mac OS, at least for now.

Filter isn’t what I need because it is not file type I want to limit. SuggestedFileName doesn’t apparently work on Mac.

I have a window displaying a record from a SQLite database that contains information about an image. It has fields for base name and the folder where it is located. BaseName represents a group of files that are versions of the same image, e.g. KA-0005.dng (the original raw capture), KA-0005.psd (the Master/edited version), KA-0005-16x20.tif (sized for print version of the master).

What I want to do, when a button is clicked, is to display a dialog that will let the user see the contents of the folder that match the base name of KA-0005 and display the 3, or more, versions of the KA-0005 image (there well may be 100s or even 1,000s of other images in the same folder).

How can I implement this. All help greatly appreciated guys.


This seems to call for a custom window. It should not be terribly difficult to do with a listbox, a TextField, a button…

I brew my own to precisely do that in iOS.

Although it is a solution to create a custom dialog, it surely will not be a native one that macOS users expect (No Icon view, no file path view, …).

The MBS plugins can do what you need (using the events you can filter what is displayed).

SuggestedFileName for an OpenDialog works only on Windows per the doc. :frowning:
If you plan to sandbox / distribute using MAS, using anything but an OpenDialog will not give you the permissions to read the file.

Why ? Is it impossible to emulate ?

Apparently you say that MBS can do that, but the total lack of details does not terribly much help the OP.

It would be great if you explained more fully. Especially which plugin does that. Searching the Monkeybread site for something you don’t know the name of is often extremely frustrating.

If indeed this is possible, that is quite fine.