Open Word Template (dotx)

What is the proper way to open a Word 2010 template so that users can open a template to create a local copy as a new document (prohibiting users from modifying the original document)?

Using the code below opens *.docx and *.dotx files the same, users can open and modify/save the opened document (unless it is set or opened as read-only).

Is there an open method that will trigger Word’s “New” event when opening a template so that word will create a new document when opening the template file?

I am using Xojo 2013r2 (windows) w/MSOfficeAutomation plugin and Word 2010 on a Windows XP SP3 workstation.

  dim Word as new WordApplication
  dim wDoc As WordDocument
  dim f As FolderItem
  wDoc = Word.Documents.Open("p:\\macros\\word2010\\wpforms\\fax.dotx")
  Word.Visible = True
  Word = Nil
Exception err as OLEException
  MsgBox err.message

Hi Darin,

I use templates like this in Real Studio 2011…

Word.Documents.Add (“p:\macros\word2010\wpforms\fax.dotx”, False)

Perfect, works like a charm.

Thanks Bjorn!