Open window emerging from its center

On the MacOS many apps open a new window with an effect of emerging the window from its center.
How is it made with Xojo?

There was an old API for something like this (the same effect that existed in Mac OS 9); I’m guessing it’s the effect you’re talking about (an empty rectangle that grows up to the window’s size and then the window appears), but that’s an effect which existed for ages and I haven’t see this effect in recent apps.
Is it the effect you’re after?

On Mojave, for example, in Messages, in the top right corner there is a Details text that opens a window emerging from itself.
In Airport Utility when you selecte a time capsule or internet, a window emerges from there with additional info.
GraphicConverter 11 open any new window emerging from center…

NSWindowAnimation is what you are after. In Xojo this can be done via a declare. It is one of the many declares that are included in the Ohanaware App Kit.

I am currently on vacation at the moment, so its a little difficult for me to share the exact code with you, but if I see this later (when I have my computer and the time), I’ll try to get something together for you.

Thank’s Sam I’ll appreciate if you find the time to show me the code.