Open webpage upon startup

I want to over rule the start up page when opening my xojo program. How to do it?

If you want the users web browser to show a specific URL you can use ShowURL(“URL”).
Unless I’m not understanding the question.

Do you mean the “Launching” page ?

Aah, web app…

By default, we set the startup page in XOJO IDE (ex: webpagestart)
Though we have plenty webpage inside our program (ex: webpage1, webpage2 webpage3)

Now, I just want let user specify what specfic page they want to open.
I want user can do type this >> www.myxojo.cgi/webpage1

I hope you can help me.

I believe so. The OP should definitely learn how to post to the Web channel…

As a developer, you can set the default web page in the inspector of the App object.

If you want to do that via URLs like www.myxojo.cgi/MyCoolWebPage9 you should take a look at the WebApplication.HandeUrl docs.

Alternately, you could add logic in the event to open a specific page and hide the default page set in the app property.

However, all of the stuff that comes right after the domain’s trailing slash (e.g. with no # or ? is handled by the instance of WebApplication(.HandleUrl)

In WebSessions, there’s only HashtagChanged or URLParameters which would lead to or styles.

indeed. I meant a page within the application.