open web page in new tab/window

The language reference states we cannot open a web page (pdf in my case) in another tab or window. Any work-arounds?

Popup blockers prevent you from launching a new window/tab programmatically. The browsers want the user to click something to do that. So make a WebLink, set its target to new window and its URL to your PDF.

thanks but not an option on a webpage.

You’re up against browser security there. You can certainly try to open the URL for your PDF in a new window/tab with JavaScript, but most users will be using popup blockers and it won’t work. I’m not sure how you turn it into an option, but to work with the web today, you need to do that :-).

finally go the html viewer to show my page. works fine. thanks.

Hello jhon, as you did?. If you could explain or give an example I would appreciate.

@Adalberto Del Rosario
its pretty easy: just visit the URL with the built-in HTML-viewer. Its not a real solution but some kind of workaround.

I have freeware available here if you want a button or image to be treated like a WebLink. The user still has to click something, but this gives you more UI options then a plain underlined link.

Yes, its pretty simple with Webcustomcontrols :wink:

Thanks Daniel Taylor, your idea is good and put it into practice, it works, but the example of jan-ole Berger is excellent.


Hi, guys!

I’m a newbie and recently I’ve run over that problem, but solution, I’ve found was both easy and good-looking, moreover it is now even looks as it was the genuine idea from the beginning.

For my web app I’ve subclasses a WebDialog, added context menu for mouse enter event and let the user choose from it: open same window or new. And mentioned subclass pops up on new window item saying something about: are you sure you want to open that link? If so, click here. Page is open through web link attached.
You can even attach mouse up event to it to close the dialog.

I’ve tested, it works.

I’m sorry that I didn’t paste the code, but for me it seems to be easy to understand the idea.

(And I’m already in the bed with iPad, so if you insist, — reply and next time I’ll post the full code)



You can’t do this programaticly but you can put a WebLink on your page with a WebLink.Target value of 2 (kTargetNewWindow)