Open source XojoScript editor available


I’ve created a XojoScript editor as an open source project:


The editor is written in the Xojo language and implemented as a ContaineControl for easy incorporation into other projects. It utilizes a hidden TextArea control to process keyboard commands, which makes it fast and compact.

The editor has most of the features of the code editor of the Xojo user interface, including automatic indenting and keyword colorizing.
It also features Tab key driven code auto-completion for keywords and for procedure and variable names, as well as syntax help messages in response to the mouse hovering over keywords in the editor. It supports text search and replace, and compiler error highlighting with error message display.

Please feel free to use and/or contribute.


you forgot to add the images

piccompile,piccomment,picsearchicon and picseaarchclose are missing…

If I insert text from the clipboard (with Ctrl-v, the program crashes immediately.

same when I write code with double quotes -> see

when loading a file with File -> Open: a mouse click on text between double quotes crashes the app.

Alex, Jean-Yves,

Thanks for your reply. I don’t understand the missing pictures. I just downloaded the xojo project file myself from the GIT and the pictures are there. for me. Please explain.

There are three files on git:
Sxcript ContainerControl.xojo_binary_project

None is a picture.

For me the pictures are in the Xojo project file. Anyway I will post them also.

You probably only have a link to the pictures in your project.

Alex, I watched your video. How unexpected.

There is one thing: The project has only been tested on Windows 10. I cannot test it on Apple or Linux because I have neither.

I reproduced your actions in the video, but I do not get what you get.

Rgds, Gerard

Cut, copy and paste didn’t work for me on Mac OS X 10.10.5, Xojo 2016 Release 3

Hi Gerard,

… you forgot to add the images…

	picCompile	Missing File '..\\..\\..\\Spectra\\_Current\\Pics\\Sxcript\\picCompile.png'	D:\\_Projects\\Spectra\\_Current\\Pics\\Sxcript\\picCompile.png
	picComment	Missing File '..\\..\\Pics\\Sxcript\\picComment.png'	D:\\_Projects\\SpectraLogics\\Pics\\Sxcript\\picComment.png
	picSearchIcon	Missing File '..\\..\\..\\Spectra\\_Current\\Pics\\Sxcript\\picSearchIcon.png'	D:\\_Projects\\Spectra\\_Current\\Pics\\Sxcript\\picSearchIcon.png
	picSearchClose	Missing File '..\\..\\..\\Spectra\\_Current\\Pics\\Sxcript\\picSearchclose.png'	D:\\_Projects\\Spectra\\_Current\\Pics\\Sxcript\\picSearchclose.png

Put the following pictures in a folder

  1. zip the folder
    2 upload the zipped folder e.g.
    3 post the link.


He has already added the images ->

[quote=316836:@Lennox Jacob]Hi Gerard,

… you forgot to add the images…[/quote]
Good morning Lennox! Coffee awaits :wink:

Looking got so far Gerard. I like the context sensitive help cough xojo take note cough :wink:

I managed an outofbounds, just type a SHIFT+ENTER a SHIFT+ENTER a to replicate.

I’ll let you look into that one as this is your baby :slight_smile:

Hey Lennox: I had a bad awaking earlier today ! So, don’t worry.
I wanted to tell something (after asking for a coffee at my local McDonald’s) and failed miserably to get the words to express myself, so I shut my mouth and go back to my table / use my MacBook Pro… :frowning:

Nice approach! Try to get this project listed at:


You have to modify the Help and avoid docs web site (use developer.xojo…). For example: is now empty and tells the reader to go to

Also, the image picComment is missing from your file.

If you have an external hard disk, place a copy of the project there, load it with Xojo and copy all needed images into that folder (xojo will certainly ask you to locate them at load time). Then, share the result, please.

This works for macOS. I really do not know if it is the same as on Windows (even if I have Windows XP in VirtualBox and a REAL Windows 10 laptop).

Edit: the application icon is small, very small (64 pixels ?). You can see it in the Dock (both macOS and Windows) and using cmd-tab / Alt+Tab (the application switcher).

Thanks for the application.


For the reader:

a. Edit: Copy, Cut, Paste, SelectAll and Clear are not implemented.
b. Drag and Drop does not works too.

If you do not have a XojoScript handly and wat to get an eye on the project, go to scripting-language , under the Classes entry, you will find example code. Copy it, Paste it in WordPad or TextEdit, paste the code there and save the data into a .txt file. You will be able to open it (File --> Open).

For the missing Icon, take the one you want (to compile), then, do not save the project, but you will be able to run the project in the IDE and see how it is nice.

In Linux

It is not possible to write more than 2 lines, no matter what I write

I type hello -> ENTER for new line
I type hello -> ENTER for new line -> crash

this line in cnvScrp.Paint
if Line.Ubound <> -1 then XCur = XCur + IndentCount(SelLine) * TextLineHeight //else empty, but cursor must be drawn


Got the icons now, but I did not get picComment.png, so I am still getting this error
picComment Missing File ‘…\…\Pics\Sxcript\picComment.png’ D:\_Projects\SpectraLogics\Pics\Sxcript\picComment.png