Open Source: Stable Diffusion Prompter 1.5

Just a short note on Stable Diffusion Prompter.
Version 1.5 has been released and the binary files on GitHub have been build using Xojo 2023r2.

BTW: Congratulations to the whole Xojo team for the release of Xojo 2023r2. Thank you for this new and great version of Xojo! :+1:


Looks very nice @Sascha_S

Aren’t there api’s now available that you could hook this up to ?


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I’m sure it would be easy to send a complete Prompt, Seed, Steps, … command to a local/remote Webserver. But i personally use DiffusionBee on my Mac and can’t test any API.

But I would be very happy if you would like to try it. Just fork the project and try. I am happy to include appropriate extensions in the project. :blush:

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Am tempted but have too many projects at the moment.

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?? so why did you ask question in the first place ? :slight_smile:

@Sascha_S I wanted to send a private message about AI stuff, but your profile is private, can’t send mess? thx

You can go to your messages, create new message, add Sascha_S and send it, no?
Unless also the option to not get private (direct?) messages is disabled.

As @AlbertoD wrote. I did not block anything.

Your profile is hidden, so there is no easy ‘Message’ button when someone clic on your Avatar next to your messages.

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Thank you

I just saw this:

but did not see i had a checkmark activated here:
Bildschirmfoto 2023-08-11 um 20.06.14

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Think it is obvious - was a suggestion for an enhancement to what is there currently.

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Ideas are very welcome. If you like, you are welcome to post your suggestion in the GitHub Issue System for discussion. Maybe there will be an opportunity later where you can help. :slight_smile:

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