Open Source Project for Charity.

Hi everyone.

A few months ago, I came across the idea of Xojo community members collaborating on a community project.
Anyone could contribute (new members to Xojo included), and the resulting project could be sold and the money given to a yet to be determined charity.

This would serve 3 purposes:

  1. Raise money for a charity such as one for terminally ill children.

  2. Be excellent advertising for Xojo and it’s unparalelled community.

  3. Create a great sense of community for new members, and allow them to integrate with regular members.

I appreciate that many developers here are busy, but I am sure we could all donate 30 minutes here and there, in order to make whatever time the children have left - a pleasurable one!

The more members which work on the project - the less time we will each need to work on it.

If anyone is interested, please reply to this thread (as opposed to creating another thread - thus making it difficult to communicate).
The first stage would be on deciding a project / app to create. I would imagine a game would be a good seller?

Hope others are interested.

Thank you for your consideration.

I’m prepared to put some time into this.

I’m only a novice myself, but will obviously do what I can to contribute :slight_smile:
Hopefully more people will also be interested.

I am an intetested novice too.


3 and increasing :slight_smile:
Once we have a few more members on-board, we can start coming up with project ideas.

Time permitting, that sounds like a great idea Rich.

Can I call that 3.5 interested members then? :slight_smile:

Not sure my skills are good enough to contribute code but I’m happy to do German localization.

Me to. Maybe not German but y’all know what I mean :slight_smile:

I’m sure your skills are a lot better than mine :slight_smile:
German localisation would be great. Whatever people can contribute will be appreciated.

We are up to 6 people so far. Another 4 and we can then at least get started on exactly what type of software to make.
I am presuming a game, as this would cater for all those bored teenagers out there, and potentially make the most sales - but all ideas are welcomed :slight_smile:

Albin - Tack s mycket

I would like to do what I can.

That makes 7 :slight_smile:

Want to, but probably can’t. Will see. Zero commitments. Except, maybe, buying one unit of “whatever” to help children.

Depending on the charity, I would be willing to help out as well…

Selfless acts are always the best. Count me in! Let me know anything you want me to do Richard.

Pay it forward

Novice here but let me know how I can help

Always willing to help this way for charity.
I don’t see myself as a very experienced Xojo programmer, but I sure can help with the Dutch localization.

Richard, do you have any ideas yet of what project will be?

See now you’ve already suggested a game as a project… I would like to second your idea for a game.

Bah! Sick children. I wouldn’t waste my time! :wink:

I’m no expert, but let me know what you need.