Open Source Date Time Chooser Project Updates

Sorry @Javier_Menendez for swirving you off topic on New DateTimePicker at Xojo2020r2. This post is to continue updates for the Open Source Date / Time Chooser project.

@Ivan_Tellez Thank you for the new reports and the weird corner thing was my doing - I unified the code for the drawroundrect that works on Mac but I forgot that this issue was on windows. Thank you. I will make all of your change recommendations.

Thank you


Hey @Mike_Cotrone

Oh, no! No problem at all! Everything that helps the community is very welcomed… but sometimes it may hide the original purpose of the thread, that’s all :wink:

Thank you for your support! :+1:


Some of these issues @Ivan_Tellez found for us requires a good amount of refactoring. In progress.

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@Mike_Cotrone, it is a real good idea to split up from the original thread… was getting a bit confusing talking about your calendar control and @Javier_Menendez is talking about the xojo version

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Ok all of the aesthetic issues have been resolved in this 3.0.7 push.

****Mac OS:


There also is some weirdness due to how the Demo front end window was created (Which is not an issue when you use this project in your own project. Its due to how we built the popup menus to select options for demo purposes. I will probably rip out the demo interface and give it a basic interface like we would need to simplify the transition from this project to your project.

Download Date Time Chooser Project