open Rosetta Stone rsd files?


can Xojo open the rsd files of the Rosetta Stone language learning software and if so, how to proceed?

thanks for any help…

I’d suspect Rosetta Stone rsd files are some sort of proprietary format. You’d need to know details about the format to be able to open them in Xojo or anything else.

you basically have 3 choices
a) it is a text file… so use TextInputStream
b) it is a binaryfile so you BinaryStream
c) it is a database file, so use the correct database engine (mySQL, Oracle etc)

And even if you can read it (which of course you can)… do you know what the data means?

RSD, or Resort Software Database, is a proprietary format and its specs are closely guarded by Resort, since they contain their IP and the data they make their living off.

Nothing, other than Rosetta Stone, can open RSD files, to the best of my knowledge. The format is certainly not open and has never been “cracked”.

Xojo can “open” binary files, but can’t know how to “read” their contents unless the logic for this is programmed into them. Unless you have this logic (I’ll go out on a limb and assume you don’t) you won’t be able to.