Open pdf on ipad properly

My app shows a pdf in an HTMLviewer using mimeType “application/pdf”. Works fine on windows and os X. Used to work on iPad.

The app used to put a proper pdf viewer in the HTMLviewer using HTMLviewer.url. Now it shows part of the first page with no scroll bar and no pdf tools.


Could you show us the exact code you are using?

pv is an webHTMLviewer

pdfData = pdf.output(“test.pdf”)
myWebFile = nil

if myWebFile = Nil Then
myWebFile = New webfile
myWebFile.mimetype = “application/pdf”
myWebFile.filename = “CircleCalcParis.pdf” = pdfData
'myWebFile.ForceDownload = True

end if (mywebFile.url)

I’m curious, does Session.ShowURL work with these files? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen iOS display a pdf inside a frame (which is what an HTMLViewer is technically).

Yes it shows, but in a new window so the client has to log back in again to go back to the page he printed from.

You said in a previous post that it “used to work”. Was that in an older version of Xojo or an older version of iOS itself?

Both I think. Ok, you can go back to page without logging back in on the ipad, but not on the desktop. How do I tell what device is being used these days? I’m pretty sure that disappeared with web 2.0