Open PDF on a specific page


i have to offer a manual to the customers.
At the moment it works with:

Var pdfFile As FolderItem
pdfFile = GetFolderItem( "Help\Help.pdf")

It opens the installed PDF-reader. But it opens on the last viewed page.
The HTMLViewer1.LoadPage (pdfFile) doesn’t work. Why?

Is there a possibility to open a PDF on a specific page or link?
It has to work on Linux and Windows (no MacOS, no MBS)

What do you mean exactly by doesn’t work ?

You must be referring to the Windows platform, where indeed HTMLViewer cannot open PDF.

About Acrobat Reader, there are several discussions about how to open on a specific page:

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I have a PDF viewer, not Acrobat reader

PDF Reader, for oldsters like me, means Acrobat because at the bzginning, there was an Acrobat Reader :joy:

Yes, it would be so nice tpo be able to do that.

In a software, I added more than Help:
I add window help button (specific to that window, in a Canvas with a “i” icon);
I also add “below the Mouse" a “one liner help” à la Xojo IDE when the Mouse is above a line of code (an icon in the Properties pane, etc.).

I also simply add that for my own; sometimes I totally forgot how my software works ! :flushed:

Now its on you do do research to find the same functionality with your reader.

Ok, now i understand. It doesn’t work :cry:

(@ Michel: it’s not my reader, the customers have different reader)