Open One Web App Within Another?

I’m trying to figure out how to open up one of my web apps inside another of my web apps. It is on Xojo cloud and the apps are subdomained. The main app is my fund accounting app. It is on the server at Inside of that app I want to open up a chat app that is on the server at The reason I have it this way is because I have 4 other apps on the cloud but I want one chat to run in all the apps.

However, when I use the html view to load the url for, it does not load the chat app. The chat app runs fine locally. But, it will not run embedded in the other apps. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone help me through this? Thanks in advance!

in add:

Self.Security.FrameOption = WebAppSecurityOptions.FrameOptions.Allow

Give it a try.

That didn’t work. I put it into the app open event. The html viewer is still just blank. Thanks for the info.

Where did you add the code @Vigia_Lin pasted? It has to be in the chat app, not in the one that you’re using the WebHTMLViewer.


Ok I posted it in the chat app open event. It still didn’t have any effect. The html viewer is just blank.

Ok. So I put it in both apps and now it is displaying the chat app inside of my main app. Thanks for the help!

The chat app seems to be zoomed in when displayed in the html viewer. I can’t figure out how to get it to not zoom. Can you possibly help with that?

Anybody know?

Sorry, I need to work with an example to review what is happening. Or the actual sites.

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Unfortunately I cannot provide the application. It’s large application and has a lot of proprietary code in it and I am not allowed to share it. Here is a picture of what is happening. The chat app is at 710 wide. The html viewer is at 710. It is not showing the entire chat app inside of the html viewer.

It looks like the chat width is more than 710.

Here a screenshot of my test without limiting the width for the chat:

Here a screenshot of my test limiting the width to 710:

Hope this helps.