Open Lingua with Deepl integration

I made a version of Open Lingua that has Deepl integration.

You load a language file into Open Lingua. The visible items in the main listbox can be translated from english to the language in the language file. The following languages are supported:


You need a subscription to Deepl Pro and an API key. You need to enter the API where it says “enter api key here”.

The code was updated so that it runs on 2019r2. Testing was done only in 2019r2 and on macOS. As always my code needs the MBS plugin.

Download is available at

Hi Beatrix.

Do you have a version of this that is compatible with Xojo 2019r1?

Not tested, but it opens in 2019r1: .

It looks like the forum mangled the URL. However, I got past that & downloaded it. Unforunately, Xojo still says it is only compatible with 2019r2. Did you zip the correct project?

I had the project open in 2019r1. I’ll recheck tomorrow. I exported the main code folder. Then I imported the folder into a new project. I had to do a copy-and-paste of the macOS lib stuff. Finally I had to reset the default window. That’s it.


Very cool. Could have used this a few years ago…

good job!

thank you so much for sharing